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What are People Saying?

What did Minnie Vautrin's Grand Niece think of NANKING ?

AMAZON.COM excerpts below:

“Once the story exploded into action, Nanking becomes a page turner in the truest sense, a novel that I had a hard time setting down. I felt like I was witnessing and living history rather than reading about it.” 

“As I read this book, it played on the screen of my mind like a feature film. Powerful, technicolor images... a gorgeous land, filled with fascinating people... events that stagger the mind... involving people whose love, caring and passion I'll never forget. Nanking – Its story should NOT be forgotten. Thanks to Kevin Kent... perhaps it never will.” 
         – KAREN L. HUTTON

“I couldn't put this book down. Kevin Kent has written a tribute to an American herione who saved 10,000 lives during the siege of Nanking. He intertwines fiction with fact beautifully. I highly recommend this as a satisfyingly good read.”
         – KAREN ADLER

“As I turned the pages, I couldn't help but feel panic rush in waves about my body, with heart pounding and head sweating. I could see vividly the petit American missionary, Minnie Vautrin, running the risk of her own life, attempted to rescue thousands of innocent women and girls from the savage attacks.
         – DR. ZHONG LIU

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