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Author sheds new light on America's greatest unknown hero.

In 1937, the Japanese invaded Nanking, China, and a terrible holocaust began. But amidst the brutality, and terrible suffering, one unexpected heroine emerged. That was Minnie Vautrin, an American teacher and Christian missionary who helped to found China's Ginling Girls College.

There, in that college meant for 300 women, Vautrin risked her life to protect and shelter ten thousand girls from the horrors of the cruel Nanking invasion.

Nanking is a story rich in human drama. Vautrin's friend, Yen Hsu, Chiang Kai-Shek's leading diplomat, was not Vautrin's to love, but his daughters found their way to her during their greatest struggle, and she ensured their survival. Although she never considered herself a heroine, Minnie Vautrin was awarded the Emblem of the Blue Jade by the Chinese government for her sacrifices.

Her legacy of hope, courage, and incredible bravery is sure to inspire the heroine—or hero—in all of us. And thanks to Kevin A. Kent's brilliant novel, it's ours to experience in these pages, as well.

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