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About the Author

Kevin A. Kent is a novelist, screenwriter and composer living in Irvine, California. The son of an English immigrant on one side of his family, with a family tree dating back almost a thousand years. On his Mother's side he has a direct lineage to John Alden of the Mayflower. Kent is passionate about all of history, and was particularly engulfed by the historical significance of Nanking. Originally he set out to adapt a book about John Rabe for the screen. After tireless hours of research, he found the story of Minnie Vautrin to be the most compelling hero of all time. Much like his heroine Minnie Vautrin, Kent refused to give up until he was done writing the gripping "Nanking." The author lives with his wife and two children in California.

Kent has also written about twenty screenplays, historical, dramatic, romantic comedies, children's books. Look for announcements about the movie "NANKING"

New -

Minnie Vautrin's Grand Niece talks about NANKING the novel

Author's Dedication to Iris Chang


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